Captioning Methods For Educational Videos

Presentation Support

Video Presentation

Captioning Methods For Educational Videos (mp4). This is the main presentation. You can view either Vimeo's auto-generated captions or Rick's edited English captions.

Presentation PowerPoints

PowerPoints, 3 per page (PDF)
PowerPoints, 6 per page (PDF)
PowerPoints, 1 per page (PDF)


Presentation Script (MS Word). Note, this script contains the backtick (`) character based upon Premiere's transcription breakpoints.

Presentation Script (MS Word). This is how my MS Word Macro restructures my script so that I can copy and paste into Premiere's transcription.

Other Support Items

Demo Video

This demo script has four segments: 1) natural content, 2) technical paragraph, 3) common "typing" sentences, and 4) Peter Piper paragraph.

Demo Video Script (MS Word). This is exactly what I say in my demo video.

demo_video in Vimeo (mp4). This is the short 1:45 minute demo video with various spoken paragraphs. You can pick either auto-generate or edited captions.

Demo video with "open captions" in Vimeo (mp4). This is the demo video illustrating "open captions." Also, I have edited the captions to be correct.

Demo Video on YouTube with corrected captions.

SRT Files for the Demo Video

Note, you can open these files in any text editor. Your browser might display the Text files.

Text File from ( paragraph)

SRT File from

VTT File from

SRT File from Camtasia-PC, auto-generated

SRT File from YouTube, auto-generated

VTT File from Vimeo, auto-generated

SRT File from Premiere, auto-generated

Text File from Premiere, auto-generated transcription

SRT File from Premiere, final SRT from script and edited. This is the most accurate SRT file that you can compare with other alternatives.

Converting between SRT and Paragraphs using Microsoft Word

Word macro: Convert Script to paragraph using backtick ( ` ) character, for cut/paste into Premiere's transcript area.

Word macro: Convert SRT file to paragraph form.

Other resources Caption Style Guide

MovieCaptioner website

YouTube licensing rules

Vimeo's licensing rules

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