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Updated: July 2023

Video Presentation

Quality Matters - Where to Begin (mp4). This is the main presentation.

Presentation PowerPoints

PowerPoints, 3 per page (PDF)
PowerPoints, 6 per page (PDF)
PowerPoints, 1 per page (PDF)


Presentation Script (MS Word)

Rick's visualization of the 44 Standards (MS Excel)

Other Support and Resources

Quality Matters and Related Items

Quality Matters Website

Quality Matters Higher Education Rubrics, Sixth Edition (This is a link to the Quality Matters website. Note, 7th Edition forthcoming. PDF)

QM Directory of Certified Courses (PDF)

Bloom's via Quality Matters (PDF)

Rick's Certification

Business Analytics Syllabus

Business Analytics Course Alignment Table (i.e., Course Map, a mapping of objectives to specific course activities) (PDF)

Miscellaneous Items

U.S. Government Credit-hour Definition (PDF)

The Online Course Mapping Guide website

The Online Course Mapping Guide's course map template

CMG CourseMap Example (MS Word), Course Alignment Map - Example (MS Word)

Chapter objectives textbooks examples: Statistics (jpg), Operations Management (jpg), Criminal Justice (jpg), SolidWorks (CAD) (jpg)

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