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2020 Notes: I switched video server companies and no longer do RSS feeds as I used to. So some of what you see in my presentation I no longer do.

Presentation PowerPoints

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoints, 3 per page, PDF
PowerPoints, 6 per page, PDF
PowerPoints, 1 per page, PDF

Presentation and Demonstration Videos

Video Presentation. (My Flash Player is no longer functional.)

With my Flash player, I can draw your attention to only my "Who is Dr. Jerz" video.

Or, I can easily make all videos show when you click this link, yet position you on my "Overview of Moodle" video.

RSS Feed Podcast Feed:

If you click on this xml URL in your browser, you will discover whether your browser interprets this RSS feed and displays it in human-readable form, if it simply displays the XML data code, or something else.

If you are using a RSS feed reader, like iTunes or Podcast Republic (Android), copy the above link and paste it into your feed reader.

Progressive Download Video Links (not Flash)

This links provide direct access to the video URL. Sometimes the videos will download to your computer or device, and sometimes they will stream.

Using RSS Feeds for Distributing Videos

Using RSS Feeds for Distributing Videos - Captioned

Who is Dr. Jerz?

Overview of Moodle

Ch02 Excel: Creating Graphs (Lecture Video Example)

Examples of RSS Feeds

Start with A Simple RSS Feed when you are creating your own, and modify it. I mentioned this in my presentation.

A simple XML RSS Feed file. (You might need to right-click Save this file from your browser.)

This file demonstrates some of the minimal requirements for an RSS podcast feed file. You might want to tell your browser to save this file instead of opening it. In Firefox, you do this by right-clicking the link and choosing "Save Link As."

A simple RSS/XML file, embedded in an MS Word Document. I put my simple XML file in a Word document and bold-faced the items that you would typically change.

Various methods for directing users to your Apple Store podcasts.

Some of these are more automatic than others.

RSS Specifications

RSS2 Specification

One of the official RSS specification websites. You can find all kinds of information on the Internet about RSS specifications.

Apple's Podcast Specification

You can find this, along with other information from Apple's website.