Rick's University of Iowa Resources 

Below are a variety of resources that I used while teaching at The University of Iowa.

Items Related to Instruction 

Rick's materials used for his College of Business 4-year review (2021).   The web page contains a wealth of information that I had used for the review.  Quite comprehensive!

 Other Items

Rick's Quiz Creation Tips.

Rick's 8-Minute Online Teaching Tips. I produced this video to help support the need for faculty who must teach modules "online" due to Coronavirus, March 2020.

Caption Project, December 2014. The purpose of this project was to explore the variety of ways that vidoes can be captioned. This project was done at the request of Ken Brown.  Prior to this project, I was not that keen on captioning my videos due to the amount of effort it would intail. However, this project changed my perspectives, and now I value the addition of quality captions for videos.

Online Teaching Notes, April 28, 2011