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Quality Matters has been a recognized organization that "certifies" online and blended courses, since early 2000.

This web page represents some of the experiences and resources I encountered while going through the process of getting my "Business Analytics" course QM certified, in 2019.

QM Resources

Quality Matters Higher Education Rubrics, Sixth Edition (this is a link to the Quality Matters website.)

QM Directory of Certified Courses


Before the full review began...

Create a course shell. It did not have students in it.

Bloom's via Quality Matters. My first Bloom's verbs. Another example of Bloom's.

In Process

There were times that I thought nothing was happening.

Full Report

I did not pass. I achieved a 79 out of 100. Standards NOT MET. More importantly, I had five 3-point standards that were NOT MET. I also had three 2-point standards NOT MET. I lacked (5x3 + 3x2) 21 points.


Syllabus (course objectives)

Course Alignment Table (i.e., course map, a mapping of objectives to specific course activities)

Final Certification - Passed with 100 out of 100 Points

Quality Matters allow you to fix problems from the Full Report, if you wish to do so. I decided to do so, providing support for items with issues, and passed.

Final Email from Quality Matters - MBA8150 Certified

QM MBA8150 Certificate

QM Final Report (My amendments begin after the words " TOTAL POINTS AWARDED: 79")

QM Course Review Details (summary).

Press Release - Draft

Final Email from Cal Scheidt, the QM Review Team Chair

Students' Comments

This one is a good summary.

Another student's comments.

Another student's comments.

Another student's comments.

Another student's comments.

Lecture Video Example

Rick's instructional video example. This is an example of teaching students to use a software product, Excel.

Ch02 Excel: Graphing Techniques (26 minutes)

Button to play video "Ch02 Excel: Creating Graphs" Button to download video and transcript SRT file Excel-Graphing_Techniques.