MountainMoot 2020

Conference Description: MountainMoot 2020

Let’s face it, some online courses are great, and some are terrible. Which is yours? Quality Matters (QM) is a non-profit quality assurance organization that certifies online courses to help deliver well-conceived, well-designed, and well-presented online courses. In 2019, I pursued QM certification for my Business Analytics course, which I been teaching asynchronously online since early 2017. This presentation explains the QM process, necessary course revisions, restructuring elements in my LMS, Moodle, and eventual success.

GlobalMoot2020: About Rick Jerz (30 seconds)

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Hello, I am professor Rick Jerz, and I have been an educator for 30 years and a Moodle user for 10 years. I am passionate about teaching, especially online. I am passionate about using the best technologies in education, believing that they can improve the overall educational process. I have used all major LMSs, and I am passionate about Moodle. I look forward to sharing some of my ideas with you.

Video Presentation

How Rick achieved Quality Matters certification of his online Business Analytics course using Moodle.

MountainMoot2020: Quality Matters (15 minutes, captioned in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese.)

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Additional Support

Quality Matters has been a recognized organization that "certifies" online and blended courses, since early 2000.

Quality Matters Higher Education Rubrics, Sixth Edition from Quality Matters Website

QM Directory of Certified Courses

Bloom's via Quality Matters

Course Alignment Table (i.e., course map, a mapping of objectives to specific course activities)

Final Email from Quality Matters - MBA8150 Certified

QM MBA8150 Certificate

MBA8150 Syllabus


View this Course Introduction video (24 minutes.)

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This video provides an overview of what we will be doing this semester.

Other Resources and Notes

From our Senior Associate Dean: (Relative to COVID classes...) Reading fall evaluations comments and talking with people around campus, students expressed the most dissatisfaction when they perceived a course to be disorganized, a faculty member to be disengaged, or both. While these two challenges are often a function of not being with students in the classroom, there are some tools and techniques that can help and may even be useful post-COVID. Use the template course syllabi. The ICON templates nicely demonstrate how to organize modules and assignments. Use tools for facilitating virtual office hours (Zoom) as well as other tips for communicating with students. An "Introduce Yourself" video can help.

Rick's thoughts: Why not put more faculty through a Quality Matters audit?