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Hello and welcome to my website!

Who am I? Briefly, I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I received my BSIE degree from Illinois Institute of Technology. After college, I was hired full time with my college co-op company, John Deere, and I moved to Waterloo, Iowa to work as a manufacturing engineer. After 15 years of various manufacturing engineering assignments with John Deere, I moved to Columbus, Ohio and worked for a small manufacturing company. After that, I became a professor of Industrial Engineering at St. Ambrose University, and then a professor in the College of Business. Along the way I obtained my MBA from St. Ambrose University, and my Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from The University of Iowa. I "retired" early from St. Ambrose after 29 years. I transitioned to a full-time Lecturer for The University of Iowa in 2017. Most recently, I am on sabbatical and unattached to any organization.

I have a wonderful family, three lovely daughters, Sami, Gabby, and Virginia and one son, Joey. My wife, Kathy, and I enjoy many activities with our family including snowboarding and skiing, camping, boating, biking, swimming, and traveling. I am an avid tennis player, snow skier, and cook. Professionally, I am very involved in many aspects of manufacturing and computer technology, especially computer-integrated manufacturing and instructional technologies.

If you find anything here of common interest or want to share any thoughts, e-mail me and I will respond.


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University of Iowa Professional Profile

Annual Review details from 2021

Examples: Business Analytics Syllabus, Course Calendar and Topics, and Course Introduction video.

Video Examples: “Confidence Intervals” and “Confidence Intervals with Excel."


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