These are my videos that will help you understand how I use various features of Moodle within my courses. I have one main video that contains all of these. On this webpage, I have broken this main video into pieces so that students can pick the video segment that is most needed. When you click on a video link, remember to wait a moment for the video to load in your browser.

Moodle - Entire (continuous) video.
This is my entire Moodle video. Below this I break this entire video down into its components for students to quickly review any individual Moodle feature.
Dr. Jerz welcomes you to this video showing how to use Moodle for this course.
Introduction to Moodle
Dr. Jerz begins with an overview of Moodle's layout.
Accessing Moodle
How to gain access to and log into Dr. Jerz's Moodle.
Course Webpage
An overview of your course's homepage. Moodle's breadcrumbs.
Your Settings
Managing your profile settings and forum settings.
Moodle's Topics area is explained. This is where all of the main course content resides.
Topics: Resources
Topic Resources
Topics: Quizzes
How to take what Moodle calls Quizzes. Most of these are self-graded.
Topics: Assignments
An Assignment is a file that you turn in.
Topics: Forums
Discussion forums.
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The Participants link in the Drawer provides a listing of who is in the course.
Grades show your grade book.
The Moodle Calendar shows all assignment due dates.
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events shows assignments due within the next 10-12 days.
Checklist and Activity Completion
The Checklist and Activity completion will allow you to keep track of items in Moodle that are complete. A dash activity completion box will be filled in by Moodle, and a solid box is for you to fill in.
Forum Search
Forum Search allows you to search forum posts.
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Online Users
Online users block show who is currently in the system during the last five minutes. More precisely, it shows who had done something (not just logged in) in the last five minutes.
Moodle's Videos block area shows the exact same videos that are elsewhere.
Moodle on Mobile Devices
My website is Responsively designed. This means that it should work well on your smartphone or mobile device.
If you have problems
What to do if you encounter any problems.